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god it's been a long time and i'm very, very sorry
but here's the rundown of things:

i got accepted into DigiPen Institute of Technology! i'll be starting the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art & Animation program in september, if everything goes according to plan :)
i've been working hard on improving my skills outside of digital art, and i've been extremely busy with school and the like, which is why you've seen very little from me on here
TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION comes out in june! super hyped

i've also made the decision to officially announce my HIATUS from deviantART. i love this place, this is where i've expressed my love for my media for many years, but i've been extremely busy and the pile-up of deviations, journals, messages and what have you has gotten to be an extreme amount and i can't keep up anymore! a lot of the work i do nowadays consists of studies in color, anatomy, perspective, and life drawing. nothing that i feel like posting for the world to see, really. my own personal practices.
does this mean i'll be gone forever? nah man. as soon as i find the motivation to roll out decent fanart or decent pieces in general, i'll come back and upload what i can, when i can!

but don't fret! i have a TUMBLR that i'm on constantly! i post a lot of my doodles and art there now, so if you want to keep up with me more regularly, that's where you should look!

i'm terrible sorry about not being around, but things are really picking up for me!
godspeed, everyone, and continue to thrive in the art world!

i'll see you star-side. ;) (or on tumblr. seriously. i'm always on tumblr.)


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The less popular you are, the more time you have to work on your own thing as opposed to trying to fit in everyone else's thing.
- Joel Zimmerman

hi i'm miki.
i like transformers. i am a video game enthusiast, artist, and daydreamer.

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It was awesome seeing you at Nerdacon yesterday! 
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